Varmam Learning#1

Varma Kalpa Rejuvenation Center is single point contact for Learning and Practicing Varmam or Siddha Varma or Marma under one roof. A research place for learning manuscript reading, Siddha Pulse diagnosis, Diagnosing diseases through different methods like pancha pakshi and many, , Its a school of varmam to promote, research, practice, learn and integration system.

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Varma Medicine Preparation #2


We are popular in teaching Varma medicine preparation and also diversified system of medicine and folk healers medicine.

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Guru and Sisiya Teaching #3

We respect and honor our teachers, gurus and aasans by bringing them directly to you and giving every one an learning opportunity from them directly with their guidance.
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Your Main Message

Varma Kalpa Rejuvenation Center is mainly focused on spreading the Varman System of Healing to the world. This has been initiated with the task of educating people about this system for the past few years. In our maiden publishing venture we have tried to share the knowledge of Varmam science which is a wonderful healing system that can be integrated with any other sciences related to health.

Our content of this book is derived from two of the literary works from the manuscripts namely, Varma Bheerangi – 100 and Varma Kannaadi – 500. It also brings out the knowledge obtained from several Aasaans regarding the same. We are hopeful that this would be our first positive step towards sharing more information, views, opinions, clinical trials and experiences on a wider platform.

We hope that our contribution towards Varmam really support or induce or induct the people who are in the quest for knowledge related to health and healing, and also those who have been never aware of Varmam to understand and take it up further in the domain of education, research practice, etc.

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