About Us

Out Motto

Varma Kalpa Rejuvenation Center is a Trust registered under the Government of Tamil Nadu, with core activities dedicated for Varmam Research and Training. VKRC is dedicated and would Inculcate any action that helps in spreading of the knowledge of the ancient systems of healing through several means including, education, training, manuscript reading, interpreting and publishing material relevant to the system.

We have been conducting courses for the past few years and have a student base of more than 600 spread across the country. The Varmam enthusiasts are the constant encouragement for us which is leading us to moving towards educating and training domain.

Other Objectives

  • Spreading the knowledge of the Science of Healing is the core objective of the Trust.
  • Publishing information related to healing sciences
  • Training the teachers who are into knowledge propaganda
  • Establish Centers for facilitating people to practice, teach and propagate Varmam

Latest Milestone Achieved

Varma Kalpa Rejuvenation Center has just launched its maiden publication venture the first book of its kind, a book on Varmam – An Insight into the Ancient System of Healing, A Symposium on the science of life force. This is a consolidate study of Varmam locations based on two books on Varmam derived from ancient manuscripts written by Siddhas, namely, Varma Kannaadi – 500 and Varma Bheerangi – 100.

The book explains about the history of Varmam, its origin, the way the Varmam locations are described in songs in derived from the manuscripts, the song in readable Tamil script, its transliteration to enable users to read the song without any language barriers, identify the location of the Varmam, stimulation, therapeutic benefits due to the stimulation, traumatology when an injury occurs at this location and relieving methods for the same.

More than talking about the book, the concept of the authors that it be a research book wherein inputs from various Aasaans and teachers and students if presented with proper clinical trial and proof for each of their findings, would become part of the next publication of this book is the most important attraction of the book.

We would be glad to launch more and more books in this field of healing. Awaiting the next.