3 Days Residential Varmam/Marma Gurukulam Program

Do know about the World best pain management system of 5000 years old now available for you.

You can access all the ancient civilized techniques which will help in not just pain management, but also heal many issues by just touching and stimulating directly and can even do distance healing.
Also, Did you ever realise that you already are practising a 5000 year old healing system for handling your Day to Day problems without even knowing the name of it.
It was always a part of your life from the time of your birth to keep you healthy and make the body a  kayakalpa, but was not realised, explored or taught to most of human society.
Now, it’s an opportunity for you to explore this untold truth of being young and healthy by this system that your soul is aware of,  but not your body and mind.
Register today for a  Marma/Varmam (a magical Buzzword or magic wand) to keep you strong and protected from your health and mind disorders.
Date: March 12, 13 and 14
Full Day program
Course Material
  • Book(With Varmam location images)
  • Detailed Video Demonstration of Varmam applied system
  • Intensive coaching
  • Course completion Certificate
  • A Varmam Protagonist T-shirt
  • A Sling bag of VKRC
Fees: 9000(Course Fees)+ 3000(Accommodation with food) = 12000 total fees.
Only 15 strength. So register immediately. Thanks