Dvinanetraya Sri (Ramesh Babu) – Founder Trustee

Varma Kalpa Rejuvenation Center, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Mr. Dvinanetraya Sri (Ramesh Babu), is a Software Engineer by profession, a teacher by passion, an entrepreneur, and a researcher by nature.
He runs his Institute known as The Art of Brain, where he trains and nurtures kids to get out of the stressful life that prevails in the present era. The main focus of Art of Brain is to work on memory skills, focus, and strengthening of the brain through day-to-day activities. He conducts workshops in schools and colleges in and around Tamil Nadu and has helped a lot of children in shaping their lives.

His insatiable quest for knowledge and problem solving did not reach its desired destination in the fields of software or teaching alone. He was curiously thrust into the Varmam system of healing and medicine trying to find a solution to the knee and joint pain faced by his mother constantly. This search has consequently led to an unimaginable journey of discovery for himself as well as others in society and thereby found his purpose of life.
Mr Dvinanetraya Sri (Ramesh Babu) has learned and mastered this art and science of ‘Varmam’ by investing the most valuable and prime years of life at Kanyakumari district, one of the ancient centers of ‘Varmam’. He spent much of this time with great teachers or aasaans, observing, querying, attending classes, seeing the masters treat and heal patients, and learning the nitty gritties which are not generally focused on in the classroom environment. Sharpening his skills is a constant thing he has been working on. The exploration only led him further to derive more concrete, scientific, and valid reasons for exploring the art of ‘Varmam’.
The solution he arrived at not only encouraged him to take it up further but also create a pavement for others so it would become a path of enlightenment for others. He understood the science in-depth and visualized the many treasures hidden in the ‘Varmam’ style of therapy. He decided to bring this out to light and initiate a symposium on how this science exists and has been there right since the evolution of life on earth.
Not limiting his exploration just to Varmam, he is also treading into other sciences allied to healing including pulse reading, scanning of body-related issues, anatomy, physiology, response to the stimulus, Vaasi Yoga, spirituality, etc. He is an individual who is knowledgeable personified in this domain.
He is working hard on various ways of bringing out the Science of Varmam from its origin where it has been traditionally taught by Siddha or gurus in either Guru – Disciple system or by family tradition knowledge transfer from generations. The miracles that Varmam can do to the lives of people are innumerable.
He is a favourite amongst his Gurus for the sheer passion and dedication he displays in this field. He started teaching and publishing details on Varmam Medicine on the internet with blessings and permission from Siddhas. He has developed or contributed to most of the websites on Varmam Research that are live on the Internet today(roughly 95%), based on the knowledge received from his Aasaans. He has also launched and is actively maintaining, a dedicated website for bringing the existing literary works on ‘Varmam’ online known as Siddha Books (www.siddhabooks.com). He is presently looking after the indexing and search engine optimisation part of the site to increase the visibility of the Gurus, authors, and ‘Varmam’related information.
He is the founder President and Trustee of Varma Kalpa Rejuvenation Center at Bangalore, Karnataka, dedicated to Varmam Research and Training, actively involved in Varmam therapy to relieve many from health challenges related to mind, body, and soul with the help of Siddha doctors. He is also conducting classes for Varmam enthusiasts so that miracles can happen at individual homes and people can have access to self-healing techniques instead of waiting for a special hand to arrive for help. If only each of our hands becomes blessed with this knowledge the need for pain relief would become minimal and can focus on healthy living. He has trained a number of people on this art of healing till-date and the number is ever-increasing even as you read.
He is also working untiringly towards getting a patent and recognition for the ‘Varmam’ therapy and its origin which is Kanyakumari, in South India. He is part of the team conducting research on digitizing and transcribing palm leaf manuscripts to literary forms. So we are bound to hear about him more and more in the future and this is only the first step towards a larger goal.
He is also the Joint Secretary of Traditional Siddha Varma Healers Association registered in Tamil Nadu.

From – Varmam Research Center – VKRC