We are working towards educating the generations about the ancient science of healing. Our core focus in services is on the trainers than the trainees, hence we work more on train the trainers and to expand the reach of the subject to a wider audience. Trainers are the key to spreading the knowledge in the right way.


We are organising free Varmam Self Healing Workshops for people to understand and value their health. A few hours of your time can create miracles for you and people in your surroundings. Anyone interested in having a session at their place with a group size of minimum 20 people can get in touch with us. We will teach you techniques to heal yourself and help others live happy life.

Our Course outcome

“Varmam” is otherwise known as “Marmam”, because its results are like a mystery. “Marmam” has a single meaning as ‘Secret’.

Varma therapy is a complete naturalistic healing system to rejuvenate the body by eliminating toxic imbalances to restore resistance and good health in the highly stressful environment of modern times.

Varmam treatment is capable of increasing brain, speech and motor activities.

Children suffering from cerebral palsy seem to respond well to varmam treatment.

Varmam is beneficial for many conditions, including the following:

Sciatic pain
Diabetic neuropathy
Muscular twitching & cramps
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Facial or Bell’s palsy
Urinary incontinence
Lumbar Spondilitis
Lumbar Spondilolisthesis (Disc bulge or prolapse)
Cervical Spondilitis
Cervical Spondilolisthesis (Disc bulge or prolapse)
Frozen shoulder (periarthritis)
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Muscular and joint pain
Frozen joints
Muscular strain
Respiratory conditions
Digestion and elimination problems
Nervous system disorders
Headaches and migraines
General aging problems
Glandular tissues
Anxiety and depression
Stress response, fears and phobias
Confusion, memory loss and mental focus
Low energy and fatigue

You will realise Varmam as a break through system of healing.

Awareness Program

We try to create awareness about this science to the masses and arrange small introductory sessions to educate that a science exists in the name of Varmam and is excellent in its results.

Bootstrap Program

We conduct bootstrap programs of 4 days duration to inspire the people to learn about varmam and see the magic of this healing system.

Fast Track Courses

Fast Track Courses for training in Applied Systems for people who have knowledge about Varmam. This can also be used as revision for practitioners.

Next Steps..


We are collaborating with esteemed universities to launch Diploma and PG diploma programs to equip people with the knowledge and authenticity to practice Varmam as a recognized practitioner. Look for updates from our website or contact us for more details.

Quality comes with the quantity in the group hence, we try to retain very small sizes.

Minimum Batch Size: 15

Maximum Batch Size: 20

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