1. Kondai Kolli varmam

  1. Kondai Kolli varmam:

 Kondai kolli varmam placed at the top of the head, where the Indian females tie their hairs.  This is otherwise called as Uchi varmam due to it placed on the tip of the head (Uchi-Crown) (the Bregma of the skill)


This varmam situated above eight finger measurement of Thilartha varmam on one ottai (10 viralalavu –finger measurement) above the Seerum kolli varmam.  This is odd varmam (Anatomy-The Bregma of the skull).

Trumutology of Varmam: 

If severe hit on this varmam, the head fade and sway to and fro (Important symptom).  Evacuation of semen and penis fall downwardly.  It causes fits and phlegmatic.  It leads to death. If the hit is not severe, then it does not lead to death.  Water flows from the eyes and nose.  Loss of sight.  Fits, phlegmatic, pain followed by the unconsciousness.  It leads to cataract.  It causes mental illness.  Headache , pain may continue.

Treatment :

Manipulation and restoring technique :

Ask the patient to lie on the bed, then, hold the two legs jointly and tap three times on the inner white side of the foot.  After this manipulation, press the back side with hands downwardly and massage gently, it will calm.  Then shake the body.  The varmam will cure.  Give nasal application of Mukkoottu Ennai, if the patient is unconscious. The patient will stand and talk.

It causes unconsciousness, shivering, constipation, piles, and fistula may occur.  It should cure immediately, otherwise, it leads to flow of water from the head to chest and leads to phlegmatic problems. Finally, it leads to varatchal.