2. Seerunkolli varmam

  1. Seerunkolli varmam

 If any hit on this varmam, the head of the patient fade and sway to and from.  Further, Physician found frothing at the mouth of the patient.  It seems to be fury.  If the mathirai exceeded, it leads to death.  Therefore, this varma may called as “Seerum kolli”

Place : 

It situated one ottai, backside of the kondai kolli varmam.  Further, it situated four finger measurement above the pidari varmam.  It situated 16 viralalavu backside of the Thilartha kalam (sideward).  It is odd varmam (Anatomy : The Lambda of the skull).

Trumotology of Varmam: 

Fade the head to and fro (important symptom).  Frothing at the mouth.  Bending the spinal card. Folding of mouth inside.  If hiccup raised, after 8th and 12th days, it is hard to cure.  If passed the time limit, then can give treatment.

Manipulation and restoring technique:

After hold and shaking the channels (nadi)  in order to move middle place of the seerunkolli and its opposite varma place, Thilartha varmam, massaging gently from throat to both sides of the head upwardly, the varmam will cure.  Even though, if cured, there may unconsciousness.  Pressing on the Penkuzhi (backside of the neck) by finger, this varmam will cure.