3. Pidari varmam

Pidari varmam situated at the backside pit of the head. The Indian females are tying their hairs in this place. The backside pit of the head is called as pidari. Therefore, this varmam is called as Pidari varmam.

Place :

This varmam situated four finger measurement below theseeramkolli varmam.  This varmam is odd varmam.

Traumatology of Varmam :

Excessive breathing (important symptom) weakness in pidari, neck hards and legs.  The mouth shall open.  The tongue shall came out.  The eyes will turn to red and remain close.  The death may occur in the third day. Manipulate the varmam within 24 kadikai time limit.

Manipulation techniques:

The adankal or pressing should be made on the palla pira adankal. Holding the jaw, massage  gently around the neck downwardly, then moving the jaw right and left side, then tap on the head (uchi) three times, pressing on the inner white side of the legs, then turn him right and left side, and allow him to sit.  Finally, pull the hands and legs.  The varmam will be cure.

Though the Pidari varmam cured there will be some other problems occurred. Due to the water formation on the head, the head will heat.  Unconscious will occur.  Even the heat reduced, consequently the unconsciousness changed, there will water formation on head, and water formation on the joint place of hand, legs and whole body.  If the peru narambu affected with pidari varmam, the body will bulge due to water formation.  It can cure through give proper treatment for the gastric problem.