4. Saruthi / Suruthi Varmam

Saruthi / Suruthi Varmam
Sideways to the posterior of the head
4 Irai sideways to Cheerum Kolli Varmam
8 finger breadth downwards from the Kondai Kolli varmam

Head starts tumbling, Patient will feel feverish with chills and will start mumbling
Main symptom is that the head start tumbling
Head tumbles, Fever and Chills
Varma Bheerangi – 100: Within 18 Ghadigai** possible to save
Varma chaari – 205: 11 Ghadigai
Therapeutic Benefits
One of the Varmam points that co-exist with the Choozhumunai naadi, whose correction and the movement of air (vayu) within it is done using this point.
Stimulation Method
Press gently with the thumb behind the ear lobe to stimulate this vamam point